Beautify Your Bathroom with a Residential Cleaning Service to Sell Your Home – part I


Before you hire your residential Orland Park cleaning service, make a detailed list of every deep cleaning job that needs to be done. Floor and ceiling vents, upper window ledges and blind slats, shower door ledges and curtains, closet shelves, grout in bath and floor tiles and dull pipes under the toilet and sink all need to be cleaned. Many cleaning services specialize in preparing a home for sale. These cleaning services are familiar with deep cleaning requirements, and should have the extra supplies that are needed.

Most residential cleaning services have pay scales based on the demands of the job. Have a very detailed list of what needs to be done on hand, and communicate your expectations directly to the cleaning company and the home cleaner.

After your bathroom is stripped and cleaned, add a few fluffy towels and washcloths to the clean, fresh smelling closet. Hang up a luxurious bath and hand towel set. Display a couple of high quality bathrobes. Buy the best brand of soap and toilet paper. Don’t keep cleaning supplies under the sink or in the linen closet. You want them to think about enjoying the bathroom, not cleaning it.

By delegating deep-cleaning tasks to a residential cleaning service, you can quickly adjust your home to be more enticing to potential buyers while organizing your personal belongings for your eventual move. One small investment in a residential cleaning service could lead to a larger and faster sale. Then, while the new home owners are enjoying your old bathroom, you can start beautifying the bathroom in your new home. But you might want to hire the residential cleaning service again to get it clean enough for you.

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