A bathroom will greet the homeowner when they get out of bed in the morning, and before they climb into bed at night. The bathroom is often shared, yet it demands intimate seclusion. It is where a homeowner will be most exposed. Consciously or unconsciously, a home buyer will immediately elevate an opinion of a home when an immaculate bathroom looks ready to take on the very personal demands of everyday living.

When you’re preparing your home to be sold, considerable attention needs to be given to the bathroom. Realtors and home stagers frequently agree that the bathroom can be a decision maker in the home buying process. When you’re selling your home, the bathroom should be impeccably clean, restful, roomy, free from countertop clutter and overstuffed closets, and as luxurious as possible.

Although a bathroom is often the smallest room in a house, cleaning the bathroom to increase your home-selling advantage is not a small job. Because of the details involved, and years of unnoticed accumulations, it is cost-effective and time-efficient to hire a residential cleaning service to help prepare your bathroom to be as inviting as possible to home buyer prospects. A quick cleaning can certainly brighten up primary fixtures, but it also brings attention to lesser-cleaned corners, grouts, edges, curves, and shelves. Buyers will unconsciously see their bare feet on the floor, their head over the sink, their bare behind on the toilet seat, and their exposed body in the bath. They want to see their bodies, not leftover reminders of yours.

Residential Cleaning Services Evanston can take care of the cleaning while you take care of stripping your bathroom of your clutter, and your personality. You want the buyer to be able to envision their decorative preferences, and a place for all of their things to be stored. A counter full of makeup and lotions leaves no room to imagine storage for electronics, and a beach theme can hinder visions for a Paris themed room. Arrange temporary portable storage for your everyday bathroom items so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up for last-minute or unannounced visitors. Completely strip your bathroom before you call the residential cleaning services so everything is exposed for cleaning.

Beautify Your Bathroom with a Residential Cleaning Service to Sell Your Home – part I

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