Remodeling a residential kitchen can be a large project that redesigns the entire layout and location of relevant features, or they can be smaller solutions such as replacing the flooring or having new counter tops created and installed. Often times the replacement of flooring goes hand in hand with having new counter tops, especially if the new counter tops are going to be of a completely different color, shape and style then the ones currently in existence. More often than not customers have to make cost cutting decisions in order to complete the project due to higher than expected costs and lowered than needed budget concerns.

Most kitchen flooring solutions are tile in nature, they are either vinyl tiles or in some instances ceramic tiles. Resurfacing a kitchen floor with ceramic tiles can be quite expensive. Fortunately there are several affordable solutions for alleviating this cost concern from the budget that has been established. Vinyl flooring is relatively inexpensive in comparison to ceramic and in this day and age the new peel and stick varieties are created with some very unique and interesting detail and aesthetic appeal. These peel and stick solutions can represent granite, hardwood or other conventional checker board patterns.

Kitchen counter tops on the other hand are a completely different animal. There are not as many cost cutting opportunities when it comes to the available materials used in creating kitchen counter tops. Granite, laminate, ceramic, glass and manmade solid surface components are the primary materials used in manufacturing kitchen counter tops. Each of these materials uses a different process to create the designs that are desired. Laminate is the most cost effective solution; however it is not always the most efficient or effective solution to have present in the kitchen. Choosing the right counter top for the kitchen will be instrumental in tying the other features of the room together.

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