The first step to remodeling is setting up enough time in your life so you can truly dedicate yourself to a project. Be prepared to spend 5 to ten hours a week in the planning stages of your project. This can take anywhere from one week to eight, depending on how large a project it is and how involved you are. The more time you put into preparation, and truly planning out your idea, the more smoothly the other steps should go. There are several ways to go around planning for your idea, and several things one should do is in this stage.

On a piece of paper, you should write down exactly what you want to do improve, add, or change in your house. When you got the major topics down, for each major topic you should create a two to three page description on what exactly you want changed in that room. Don’t simply say “make bathroom nicer”, but describe what exactly you don’t like about your current bathroom and the specific changes you want done. Hiring a professional can be advised here, but leaving it to yourself and letting your creativity run wild is far more enjoyable, and will tie you in my closer to the project. And the more connected you fell with the project, the harder you’ll work at it, and the better overall result will be. Even so you won’t be doing any of the actually modeling (or maybe you want to? Some people to do-it-themselves), you’ll still be a general dictating a troops. And everyone knows that a good general is the most important part of an army.

Once you have created a substantial report on what you want to change in your house, and by how much, put it all together and let it sit a few days. Come back to it in maybe a week, look it over again, see if you still feel just as strongly about it, and if you do then its time for the next step.

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