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Doctor Up Scratches and Dents on Your Aluminum Siding

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Aluminum siding can take a knocking, but it’s not immune to dents and scratches. There are a lot of self-repair technologies waiting to be discovered and mass-marketed, but self-repairing aluminum siding hasn’t made it off the drawing boards of the engineering scientists and into the hands of the average home owner. We’re still waiting for house-siding that can heal itself as naturally and effortlessly as the skin on our bodies. Until then, we’re stuck repairing the scratches and dents ourselves. (more…)

Cheap and Easy Weatherstripping for Fast Winterizing and Speedy Summer Protection

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

A breeze is nice until it starts interfering with the temperatures of winter heating and summer cooling thermostats. Then the seemingly innocent breeze robs you of your money and your house feels like Antarctica or the Sahara Desert no matter how much you adjust the thermostat. Paying for high heating or cooling costs can wipe out any savings set aside for home improvement or weatherproofing projects – leaving you no money to fix the leaky windows that are letting in the seemingly innocent breeze. To get out of the vicious cycle of not being able to improve your home to save money because your home is costing you too much money, start with some real cheap foam or felt weatherstripping and do one window at a time. You can always upgrade later or call Window Replacements Chicago specialists.