Beginning Carpentry Tips:

·         Always double check your work. Great carpenters make sure to always do everything twice.  It wastes your time and supplies when you make mistakes. Make sure everything is perfect before going on to the next action.

·         When starting a new project, take your time to carefully pick out your wood. Make sure the wood is not rotten, crooked, too soft or still green.

·         When starting out the best type of saw is a simple saw. It prevents you from making any major mistakes and allows you to learn the basics of carpentry.

·         Don’t jump in immediately to using power tools. Depending on your level of expertise, you should stick to the hand held tools at first. Using a power tool before your ready can not only quickly ruin your project, but is dangerous as well. Learn to get adjusted to the intricacies of wood working first.

·         The only exception is a drill. With a drill, you should probably go power operated right off the bat. A cordless drill would probably serve you best. Make sure to still use it carefully, for a drill can still be dangerous.

·         When picking out a hammer, make sure you find one that feels good to handle. Its also smart to have a variety of different hammers depending on the project. After a while, once you start taking on more project, investing in a nail gun might be a smart idea.

·         Make sure to always plan your project ahead of time. Learning on the fly may seem like a fun idea, but it will rarely result in a quality project. Make sure to research and draw out your project before beginning on it.

·         Most importantly, is setting up the right workshop. Make sure your workshop is spacey, lighted, ventilated, has a power outlet, and most importantly safe. Try to keep dust continmation to a mininum, and the workshop far enough from others to do any harm.

·         Most importantly, remember to have fun with your projects! If you’re getting too stressed over a project, learn to walk away and take a break. To create a quality product you need to be concentrated, yet relaxed.

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