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Soften Your Concrete Patio With a Stain on Your Floor

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

Concrete is an incredible, durable material that is well-worth its investment, but rarely has anyone extolled the virtue of concrete’s dull gray color in an outdoor setting. Concrete patios are practical, but concrete often looks harsh, dull and interruptible to the natural landscape.

Staining your concrete can change its hue to blend in with the natural surroundings. With the right choice of color, concrete stain can take away concrete’s cold barren face and replace it with a warm welcoming hue that doesn’t detract from the surrounding landscape.

If you haven’t poured the concrete yet, you can add a dye to the wet concrete mix to create a base for the top layer of stain. This prevents a sharp color contrast from appearing when the top layer of stain starts wearing away. Instead of a defect in the concrete gaining attention, the area will achieve an overall weathered look and the defect will be unnoticeable. (more…)