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The Pain of a Hardwood Floor’s Accidental Stains

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Grass-stained jeans often hide little legs that can run into a house, plop down on a couch that sits on a beautiful hardwood floor, and kick muddy sneakers off with a jolt that sends them sailing to the unreachable galaxies of the under-couch world. As the muddy sneakers are left forgotten on the hardwood floor, mud and dirt slowly seep into the wood. Dampness starts warping the hardwood, and as grains begin to roughen, stains set in. When it’s time to move furniture around for spring cleaning, dark stains on the hardwood floor show evidence of long-lost sneakers under the couch and overflowing water from plant holders hiding in the corners of the room. Once the room is cleared of furniture, it’s clear that spilled beverages from the last family reunion were not quickly wiped up. Life leaves stains. (more…)