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How to Minimize a Malicious Cigarette Burn in Carpet and Clothing Material

Sunday, April 18th, 2010

Cigarette burns are unforgiving. Their dark, scraggly perimeter scowls at you and taunts you with
a scorched noticeable, often permanent, hole – ruining whatever surface was trying to survive. It’s very hard to hide a cigarette burn, and many cigarette burns are impossible to hide or repair. If your shirt went up in flames and is reduced to flying ashes, it’s time to get a new shirt. A car seat cover may be necessary to hide that cigarette burn from mom, and you might need to strategically center a floor planter over the carpet of your rented apartment. But, depending on the severity of the burn, there may be hope. (more…)

Protect Your Exterior Woodwork Today and Don’t Let Mother Nature Steal Your Paint

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Trees can withstand the wrath of Mother Nature, but the exterior wood on your home cannot. (Unless you are a squirrel and your home is in a tree.) If you don’t want your home to contribute to nature’s decomposition process, you will need to invest some time (and exert some muscle) to protect and maintain your exterior woodwork. Once your woodwork is primed and painted, you’ll only need to do some maintenance or updating once a year, or even once every couple years - depending on the wood. If you prime and protect your wood, you won’t waste time painting and dealing with nature’s problems. (more…)